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YES Bank offers Business Loans to self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs in an effort to provide them financial support in starting a new venture or expand an existing one. The bank offers a wide range of YES Bank Business Loan Schemes to cater to different monetary requirements of individuals and business sectors.

YES Bank Retail Business Loan

YES Bank Business Loan is an unsecured credit facility given to self-employed professionals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, closed held and private limited companies. Both non-professional individuals (such as traders, manufacturers and service providers) and professionals (such as doctor, CA, CS and architects) can apply for YES Bank Business Loan. YES Bank Business Loans can be availed for purchasing equipment or machineries, setting up office, working capital requirements and expanding of business.

  • Loan Amount – Up to Rs. 50 lacs
  • Loan Tenure – From 12 months to 60 months (Flexible)
  • Collateral Free – YES Bank loans for retail business does not requires collateral
  • Interest rates and other charges – Interest rates and other loan charges for YES Bank business loan are transparent and communicated to customers in writing


YES Bank offers business loans to micro, small and medium enterprises for the growth of MSME sector. Different businesses under MSME category are supported by YES Bank Business Loans. Some of the YES Bank Business Loans schemes offered under YES SME loans are as follows:

(1) YES SAMRIDDHI – It is a financing proposition to meet the monetary requirements of businesses involved in services, trading and manufacturing businesses.

  • The loan scheme has turnover-based lending approach for assessing the credit limit
  • Maximum loan amount: Rs. 4 crores and Rs. 2 crores (in case of non DP linked Overdraft (OD))
  • Fund based credit: cash credit, overdraft, working capital demand loan, term loan, drop line OD and export credit
  • Non-fund based credit: Letter of credit, buyers credit and bank guarantee
  • Trade related facility: CMS limits and forward cover
  • Parameterized template based fast track sanction with local credit delegation
  • Loan against residential/commercial/industrial/NA plot

(2) YES SUYOG – This loan scheme finances SME businesses in services, trading and manufacturing sectors.

  • Relaxation of collateral coverage on the basis of high scores
  • Preferential pricing for credit profiles with good scores
  • Appraisal based on score card
  • Fund-based credit: cash credit, overdraft, working capital demand loan, term loan, drop line OD and export credit
  • Non-fund based credit: Letter of credit, buyers credit and bank guarantee
  • Trade related facility: CMS limits and forward cover
  • Maximum loan amount: Rs. 2 crores
  • Loan against residential/commercial/industrial/NA plot/SLBC/BG/FD/surrender value of LIC

(3) SMART OVERDRAFT – Quick overdraft facility for MSMEs involved in trading and manufacturing. Also for professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Architects and Chartered Accountants.

  • Balance sheet is not needed for analysis
  • Credit assessment is based on customer’s banking transactions
  • Fund based limits (overdraft and drop line overdraft)
  • Loan amount: From Rs. 20 lacs to Rs. 1 Cr.
  • Loan against residential/commercial/NA plot/SLBC/BG/FD/Surrender value of LIC

(4) CASH BACKED Lending Program – Financing option for service providers, traders and manufacturers.

  • Fast processing with minimal documentation
  • Best for immediate and non-fund based credit needs of SMEs
  • Non-fund based credit: Buyer’s credit, letter of credit or bank guarantee
  • For domestic business, the margin is 100% of Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit
  • Letter Of Credit: 180 days /up to 3 years in case of Supplier’s Credit LC
  • Bank Guarantee: 36 months (including claim Period)
  • Letter Of Undertaking: up to 1 year period for arranging BC for non-capital goods and up to 3 years for arranging BC for Capital Goods

(5) YES GST – Quick financing for MSME businesses.

  • Assessment of limit on the basis of turnover according to GSTR 1 returns
  • No balance sheet or bank statement is required for assessment.
  • Up to 1 crore rupees financing through fund-based OD or Drop-line OD facility
  • Faster approval with quick documentation
  • Charge on current assets such as stock and book debts is not necessary to be hypothecated

(6) CHANNEL FINANCE – Financing option for dealers of corporates to cater supply chain system.

  • Efficient transaction and ease of operation
  • Withdraw your deposit in units as low as INR 1/-
  • Cheap and steady source for working capital
  • Additional facility for dealers, which increases the liquidity for increased off-take
  • Channel partners can increase profitability by availing cash discounts from Anchor Corporate
  • Flexible payment options
  • Part payment and prepayment options are also available

YES Bank Agri and Food Loans

To support the MSME in grass root level YES bank works in rural sectors YES bank adopted cluster-based growth strategy for seamless execution.

(1) AGRI JOINT LIABILITY GROUP – Finances the economically weaker and financially excluded segments of the society living in rural, semi-urban and urban India.

  • Direct financing, in partnership with other institutions
  • Team loan provided to individual members of the group
  • Over 60 agro-commodities are financed
  • Longer tenure of credit facility extending up to 11 months based on commodity shelf life
  • Quick loan sanction within one day for cases up to Rs. 2 crores

(2) KRISHAK SAHYOGI – The scheme finances Arthias Commision Agents and Traders dealing in Agri Commodity. The scheme is also for Agri Input Dealers, which includes dealers and sellers of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, cattle feed, poultry feed and agricultural equipment.

  • Loan amount: From Rs. 20 lacs to Rs. 5 crores
  • Turnover/working capital cycle based lending approach for assessment of credit limits
  • Fund based cash/credit, overdraft facility
  • Non fund based bank guarantee available
  • FD/surrender value of LIC/NSC/IVP/RBI and relief bonds are accepted
  • Exclusive charge on stock and book debt by way of hypothecation, Residential/Commercial can be accepted

(3) SMALL AGRICULTURE ENTERPRISE LOAN – The scheme finances individuals involved in farming and business units engaged in trading and manufacturing and commission agents.

  • Peak and non-peak facility for Agri processors
  • Assessment of credit limits is on the basis of turnover
  • Loan Amount: From Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores
  • Fund based credit: cash/credit facility, overdraft, working capital demand loan, short term loan and term loan
  • Drop line overdraft, export credit, non-fund based LC, buyer’s credit and bank guarantees are also available
  • For Horticulture and plantation crops, term loan given for up to 10 years


  • Loans for farmers, processors and agri-intermediaries and owners of agriculture commodities
  • Loan for the purchase of commercial vehicles and refinance product for working capital needs
  • Quick loan sanction within one day for cases up to Rs. 2 crores
  • No security except pledging of agri-commodities

Longer tenure of up to 12 months based on commodity shelf life

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